Custom furniture


We also make tables and tables on special, personalized orders.
In resin, we can keep each item priceless for you for many hundreds of years.
You will provide us with your valuable items and we will make beautiful personalized furniture for you.
It can be, for example, a baseball bat, a wedding ring, a watch, a chain, money, a photo or other valuables. Out task is to make your dreams come true and make beautiful furniture.

Ash tree planks
Length 350 cm
Width 50-60 cm
10 cm thick
Possibility to make the table dimensions: from 350x60, 10 cm thick, flooded with resin in the hole and in the board plane.
Or 90x60 coffee stools 10 cm thick.

Oak tree planks
Length 2 m
Width from 55-65
Thickness 8-11 cm
Possibility to make a table, dimensions 190x60, thickness 10 cm, covered with resin in the hole of the board.
Or 90x60 coffee stools 10 cm thick.