Coffee tables

The table tops are made of oak, 8 to 18 cm thick. Cleaned, leveled and secured against weather conditions with HartzLack impregnation, oil with wax and varnish. The tables are also made with a resin top and the whole is varnished with varnish for wood HartzLack Super Strong HS varnish in glossy version. Depending on the technique of applying the resins, the final result it can have up to ten layers of resin, which makes the visual effect so multi-dimensional. This gives the wood maximum protection for many years.
Metal foot made of profiles 40 mm x 20 mm thick 2 mm.
The diameter of the feet at the bottom is 60 cm and height is 43 cm.

The metal profiles were TIG welded. Then the metal was subjected to a cleaning process,
rust removal, degreasing. The stands prepared in this way have been protected against corrosion
epoxy primer and finished with a special NOVOL COBRA TRUCK BEDLINER protective coating.
Protective coating with a structural effect based on 2K polyurethane resins,
it is a very good coating that protects surfaces for many years.

-high mechanical strength and scratch resistance;
- protection against weather conditions, gasoline, oils, water and salt
soundproofing and soundproofing properties;
- surface structure gives an anti-slip effect.