Loft bookcases
Loft pieces of furniture Balcony or patio sofa


Height: 83 cm

Width: 146 cm

Depth:  65 cm

The frame is made of 8 x 2 cm profiles, 2 mm thick.

Furniture can be made in any size and color, and the seat and backrest can be finished in any material.


Metal feet:
-for tables made of a wood slice: diameter at the bottom 60 cm, height 43 cm;
- made of metal profiles: 6 cm x 2 cm, thickness 2 mm.
The metal profiles were TIG welded. Then the metal was subjected to a cleaning process, rust removal, degreasing. The frame prepared in this way has been protected against corrosion with a primer and finished with a special NOVOL COBRA TRUCK BEDLINER protective coating. Protective coating with a structured effect based on 2K polyurethane resins.

PROPERTIES of the protective coating:
-high mechanical strength and scratch resistance;
- protection against weather conditions, gasoline, oils, water and salt;
- sound-absorbing and soundproofing properties;
- surface structure gives an anti-slip effect.
Our professional performance of steel elements can be used in all conditions, both outside and inside buildings.